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Working or trading with China is the most significant business opportunity on the planet today. For those looking to make the right first impression in their next career or business step, a perfect Chinese name demonstrates respect for the Chinese culture. In this service package, we will design a completely authentic Chinese name that best suits your characteristics based on your name, gender, pronunciation and the meaning of your native name.


China has a population of more than one billion and a huge film market and audience. A Chinese name that conforms to the actor's personality and his famous works will deepen the Chinese audience's impression to him, make it easier for Chinese audiences to remember him, and make his films and TV works more popular in China. For movie stars, singers or athletes, a perfect Chinese stage name or nickname is the key point to improve their popularity in China. In this service package, we will design an impressive Chinese stage name or nickname according to your style, your works and Chinese audience's impression of you.


China has the largest market in the world. For any company, the Chinese market cannot be ignored. A good Chinese company name will make Chinese people remember the company better. For a product, a proper Chinese name may greatly improve its sales. When designing Chinese names for companies, products and trademarks,we will conduct full market research and legal investigation to ensure that the names we design do not have legal disputes.

Our Process


Choose your Service

Choose one to meet your personalized needs from 3 services.



We will contact you after you place your order. Communicate with you via What's APP or Wechat to understand your details. You need to provide us with your name, pronunciation and meaning of your name, gender. You can also put forward your personalized needs, like you want your Chinese name to be cute or brave, or has some special meaning.



According to the information provided by you, our name experts will design a real Chinese name that conforms to your characteristics and Chinese culture.


FeedBack & Confirm

Feedback the design results to you and communicate with you again until you are satisfied with our design results.



Organize the design results and send them to you. The design result will contains the following contents: your Chinese name, pronunciation, meaning, stroke orders, Pinyin.

Our Promise



The Chinese name we designed for you is absolutely in line with Chinese culture and adaptable to favorable social trends.


Two years of after-sales service

Within two years of obtaining your name, we will provide free services. If you are not satisfied with your Chinese name within two years, we will redesign for you according to your new needs.  Meanwhile, we also provide other support services, such as providing computer input guidance services, pronunciation guidance services, writing guidance services, etc.