The composition of Chinese Name

The Chinese name is usually composed of two or three characters, the first character is the surname, and the latter is given name. Generally speaking, the surname is the father's surname, which is the family name. The given name consists of one or two characters.

The quality of a name is determined by two aspects, meaning and rhythm. The names of Chinese people often have positive meanings or good intentions, reflecting the expectations or blessings of parents and elders. Some parents will choose their children's names from ancient books or ancient poems. Such names are more cultural and rhythmic.

The names of brothers and sisters often have a word shared, such as "元宇", "元华", "元凯". In this way, the relationship between brothers and sisters can be easily reflected, and they can be identified as belonging to the same generation. the shared word, we call it generation name. In the past, generation name was not randomly chosen. Each patriarchal clan has a unique set of rules. The order of each generation name is fixed. These words are connected with a specific meaning or rhythm. It has a special meaning for the clan. The order of the generation names indicates the generation relationship of the clan members. The people can easily confirm their position in the patriarchal clan through the generation name.There are still many families who have followed such customs.

In China, we don't just use the surname to call others. If the given name has two words, we will use the given name or full name to refer to a person. If the given name has only one word, then use the full name.