Our initial intention

We have met many foreigners working and living in China or traveling in China. One of the requests these people often make to us is: Can you help me to get a nice, personalized and exclusive Chinese name? We also encountered a lot of foreign friends who choose their own Chinese names. Due to their lack of understanding of Chinese culture, their Chinese names are usually not ideal, completely different from authentic Chinese names, and even contain funny, ridiculous, negative and insulting words. Chinese culture is an ancient and beautiful culture, and the name culture is an important part of Chinese culture. In order to help more foreign friends to get a suitable Chinese name and introduce Chinese name culture, we built up this website.

Our advantage

  • Our team is all made up of Chinese people and has a good understanding of Chinese culture and name culture.
  • We have designed Chinese names for many foreign friends and we have experience in this field.
  • We can design a completely authentic Chinese name that best suits your characteristics based on your name, gender, pronunciation and the meaning of your native name
  • We can provide pinyin, pronunciation, spelling, so that you can fully grasp your Chinese name, not only will teach you how to pronounce, but also how to write.
  • We can provide name tattoo design service to help you design your Chinese name into a tattoo.
  • ……

Our location